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Wondering what the top 10 United States destinations are for honeymoons? Staying in the United States for your honeymoon has its benefits.


Here is a list of the best places for honeymoons

in the United States:

1. Hawaii

With its perfect climate and beaches, this is heaven on earth. All the luxury and pampering you could ever want on a honeymoon are available. Romance abounds in the tropical breezes. Here is more about Hawaii and why this is a perfect honeymoon destination.


2. Florida

Yes, this is the home to all the theme parks you could ever need-but how fun is that?! Being kids again on a honeymoon can be quite the blast! But if you are not into that, there are tons of beaches and other romantic locations and activities.


3. Las Vegas

Lights, sights, shopping, food, and entertainment. That sounds like a great time on your honeymoon! There are also many golf courses and other outdoor activities within a short distance of the strip.


4. California

Mountains, ocean, desert, glitz and glamour. There is something for every honeymooner  in California.


5. Lake Tahoe

Lovely scenery and outdoor activities abound here. A wonderful location for serenity and relaxation on your honeymoon.


6. Texas

San Antonio and the Lake walk jump to mind as an incredibly romantic honeymoon location. To stroll or ride along the river, with all the lights, restaurants, and shops, sigh. Dallas is full of life and fabulous food. The coastline is wonderful as well.



Atlanta has a brand new aquarium that is to be seen. Lush golf courses, history, warm climate, and Southern hospitality would make a great honeymoon.


8. Virginia

American history within gorgeous natural settings. From mountains to oceans, this is where to experience the United States on your honeymoon.


9. New York

The excitement of New York City would make a great honeymoon. Don't forget that the the rest of the state has so much to offer!


10. North Carolina

A Nicholas Sparks novel is a romantic read, and all his books are set in North Carolina. The ocean and all the ghost stories make me want to cuddle up with a loved one in a bed and breakfast. What a perfect secluded honeymoon.


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