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Romantic Ideas for your honeymoon

Here are some ideas to add romance to your honeymoon. Not that you will need it, but these ideas will add more spark! Better hang on to these, if you are this romantic, you will have to continue long into your marriage!!


Send a dozen roses: 11 red roses and 1 white one. The note: "In every bunch there's one who stands out - and you are that one." 

Write him/her a check for one million kisses

Something for the Honeymoon or anniversary.... a lottery ticket and a note: "I hit the jackpot when I married you."

Book A Massage to give your partner a professional massage..

Kiss every square inch of her body S-L-O-W-L-Y !

Scatter rose petals all over the bed.

Three simple sex rules:
* gals are slow, guys are fast
* guys are visual: Show him...
* gals are auditory: Tell her...

Hide a love note in his pants pocket.

Other places to hide a small note:
* under the pillow
* in his shaving kit
* between the pages he/she is reading

Give the gift of time (wristwatch) with this inscription: "I'll always have time for you."

Ask him to pick a number between 1 and 50, then reward him with that number of kisses.

Make a habit of taking a stroll after dinner every evening.

"Women fall in love through their ears, men fall in love through their eyes." Woodrow Wyatt.

When dining, share everything: your meals and desserts.

Make love on top of the washer/dryer (while it's running).

Attach a note on the TV remote: "Turn me on instead!"

Before getting out of bed, face your partner, give him/her a kiss and say: "I'm so thankful I have you in my life."

Sign your letters: "Forever and a day"

Hide a pair of earrings in a box of chocolates.

Celebrate the anniversary of when you first met.

Shower together by candlelight.

Use the little strips of paper from Hershey's kisses as coupons redeemable for one kiss each.

Tell your mate that you - love, adore, admire, cherish, desire, want, need, prize, esteem, idolize, revere, treasure him/her.

Hide a little gift for her so she'll find it during a walk together.

Leave a note: "I know we are soulmates because....."

Guys: Hold her dinner chair.

"One does not fall 'in' or 'out' of love. One grows in love" - Leo Buscaglia

Slip a little love note into his wallet, in between the dollar bills.

Gently brush her cheeks with your lips.

Give him a lottery ticket. Attach a note: "You are one in a million"

While slow dancing, whisper something sweet to her.

Fold a love note in a fluffy bath towel.

Fill bathtub with warm water sprinkled with rose petals.

Surprise your lover with a kiss before they can finish a sentence.

Give your love an antique compass and say "You will never lose me". Your love will swear the needle always points to their heart!

While your love takes a shower, write the words "I love you" in the condensation of the bathroom mirror.

Leave a trail of "Hershey's chocolate kisses" from the front door to the bedroom, right up to the bed. On the bed leave a note that reads 'I kiss the ground you walk on.' Make sure you're not home when s/he gets in!

Play the game of monopoly with a few new rules. Change boardwalk into backrub, and Tennessee into take your shirt off. Every time you pass go, you get a kiss. etc.

Look straight into the eyes of your love and PAY ATTENTION to what they tell you! Tell your mate something about you that no one else knows.

Look into the eyes of your special someone often. "The eyes are the window to the soul". Weave love, sex, intimacy, passion and romance into the fabric of your daily lives.

Men: Talk more. Women: Touch more.


Won't these make your honeymoon truly unforgettable!?